plastic surgeryHistorically, if you wanted to consult with a cosmetic surgeon about a rejuvenating face lift or body contouring procedure, you needed to schedule a visit in the practice’s office for a face to face meet and greet. We’ve come a long way, Baby! Today, many of our patient consultations first occur in the virtual world. It’s a reality of this day and age, and it seems to be catching on.

There are a few pointed reasons why a virtual consultation may make the most sense. The primary reason people think of is that they want to learn more about a cosmetic surgeon who is not located in their immediate area. Dr. Lorenc is a world-renowned cosmetic plastic surgeon, so this emergence of virtual consulting makes life much easier on our patients.

What’s the Point?

If you do not live in New York City, then you get the point. But even if you do live nearby, your busy schedule may prevent you from having the extra time for pre-operative niceties. We want to accommodate our patients as much as we possibly can, and the virtual consultation via Skype just makes sense in many cases.

Having a consultation from your computer to ours is not much unlike the visits we conduct in our office. Prior to the virtual consultation, we may request specific, high quality pictures of your area of concern. This allows Dr. Lorenc the opportunity to evaluate your concerns before you are face-to-face (via the screen, that is). Having appropriate (and completely private) images beforehand facilitates a productive consultation without elongating the allotted time of 30-45 minutes.

Once you have completed your virtual consultation, you may be able to move forward with the scheduling of your procedure. If further information is needed, it will be requested at the time, or we will ask you to schedule an in-person visit to assure we have everything just right.

A Note about those Pictures . . .

The images that are sent to our office are confidential and considered a valuable aspect of your medical record. The staff in our office is trained in compliance of government regulations regarding HIPPA, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, instated to protect patient privacy.

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