Vaginal rejuvenation has become somewhat of a hot topic in recent years. This could be because women have become more open about the changes that occur with age and motherhood. It could be because science has worked long and hard to formulate therapies designed around such concerns.

The Functional Side of ThermiVA

Whatever the catalyst for innovation, it pleases us that we now have the technology available to help women minimize the symptoms of vaginal atrophy.

ThermiVa™ Treatment for the Win

ThermiVa non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation has been praised for its comfort and effectiveness at tightening vaginal tissue that has become loose and weak. The area of benefit that is how a woman’s sexual satisfaction can improve when vaginal tissues are in optimal condition. In addition to laxity, changes to the tissue that lines the vaginal canal also decrease natural lubrication, causing uncomfortable dryness. Another concern that is very much worth discussing is urinary incontinence.

The fact is urinary incontinence affects millions of women to some degree. This condition, related to vaginal atrophy, creates physical and emotional discomfort due to a loss of complete bladder control. Some women affected by urinary incontinence lose urine when they walk briskly or try to run. The exercise of any kind may cause stress when there is a fear of leaking urine. Even laughing or sneezing may lead to frustration. To resolve the issue quickly, we look at nurturing the vaginal lining.

ThermiVa for Urinary Incontinence

The Thermi platform of energy treatments has a wide reach regarding tissue improvement. The ThermiVa treatment operates in the same way superficial skin-tightening and smoothing does, by eliciting a response within the body to send large amounts of collagen where it is needed most. ThermiVa is a short appointment that involves the introduction of a small probe into the opening of the vagina. The Thermi platform sends controlled radiofrequency into the lining tissue, which absorbs the gentle heat and accepts an influx of healthy new collagen.

It doesn’t get much simpler than ThermiVa. To learn more about the aesthetic, physical, and emotional benefits of non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation in our Park Avenue office in New York City, call (212) 472-2900.