A thigh lift, sometimes referred to as a thighplasty, is a procedure to reduce excess skin and fat in the thigh region. Sagging may occur in the inner and/or outer thigh region due to:

• Aging
• Weight changes
• Pregnancy

Laser liposuction often compliments the results of thigh lift surgery to help contour the hip and inner and outer thigh region in areas where the skin has lost its elasticity.

Who is an ideal candidate?

Dr. Lorenc considers ideal candidates for thigh lift surgery to be those who have experienced dramatic weight loss, either through diet and exercise or bariatric surgery. You may also consider a thigh lift if you have excess skin along the inner and/or outer thigh due to normal aging or pregnancy.

Other considerations that should be weighed when determining if a thigh lift is right for you include:

• Your health: No underlying health conditions that may make healing more difficult
• Your weight loss goals: A thigh lift is most appropriate for individuals who expect to maintain a stable weight and who are committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle
• Your expectations: Individuals should approach a thigh lift with positive and realistic expectations