tummy tuck in new york city | abdominoplasty | Dr. Z. Paul Lorenc

If diet and exercise haven’t delivered the flattened midsection you desire, you may be a candidate for abdominoplasty or a “tummy tuck.”

Weight fluctuations, pregnancy or just plain heredity can lead to a persistent pouch. No matter the cause, your muscles in the abdomen have stretched out and weakened and they have begun to sag and loosen.

Abdominoplasty surgery will eliminate the sagging and create a tight, flat midsection with a slimmer, more flattering waistline.

Everyone’s abdomen is different, and the conditions of the skin and muscles also depend on the individual’s past and current habits.

Because there are so many variables that affect the waistline, there are many different abdominoplasty techniques to suit each body. For example, if your tummy bulge is below the navel, a less complex procedure, called a “mini tummy tuck” or “partial abdominoplasty” may do the job.

“The abdomen is one of the leading areas causing people insecurity. For stubborn lower belly flab or fat that just won’t go away with sustained diet and exercise, abdominoplasty can be the answer,” says Lorenc. “Especially if your tummy has sagging skin due to weight loss. Many of my patients have lost a great deal of weight and want to start their lives as thinner people, but are hiding behind the loose skin that can be removed and tightened through a tummy tuck.”

When Advisable

If you are planning future pregnancies, it may be best to delay your abdominoplasty, as the vertical muscles in the abdomen that are fused during the surgery will tend to separate again during pregnancy.

For an even better contour, tummy tucks may be combined with liposuction of the hips, waist, thighs or back.

Dr. Lorenc will go over your history and the current state of your abdomen when you go in for a consultation. For more information in considering which options are right for you, visit lorenc.com.