A Younger You

Dr. Z. Paul Lorenc from New York City talks about procedures to achieve a more youthful appearance.

FIOS 1 – Reverse Time

Courtesy of FIOS 1, Dr. Lorenc discusses helpful tips to battle aging as well as non-surgical procedures that patients can use to rejuvenate their faces and bodies.

FIOS 1 – Topical Non-Invasive Treatment

What is your skin saying about you?” Dr. Lorenc presents topical procedures and invasive techniques that can help shrink cellulite and tighten loose skin.


Fox News – Plastic Surgery Tips

On Fox News’ “For Your Life” segment, Dr. Lorenc tells viewers what to look for and what questions to ask when selecting a plastic surgeon. He also discusses his vision for the future of plastic surgery advancements.

Extra – Face Lift by Syringe

Dr. Lorenc discusses the idea of ‘Face Lift by Syringe’ and how this simple procedure can rejuvenate your face without surgery and have you back to work in as little as one day.


CNBC – Squawk Box – Plastic Surgery for Men

Plastic surgery isn’t just for women; Dr. Lorenc discusses on Squawk Box the rise of plastic surgery in male patients and shares the top 5 aesthetic procedures requested by men.

Larry King Live – Plastic Surgery Addiction

Dr. Robbie Ludwig talks with Dr. Z. Paul Lorenc about the increasing numbers of patients opting for surgical enhancement due to the recent popularity of such procedures.


20/20 ABC Television Network

Expert in the field, Dr. Lorenc is featured in this 20/20 segment, assessing a woman’s previous cosmetic surgeries practiced at “bargain-basement prices.”

The Today Show – Plastic Surgery, Dangers, Safety

Always ask questions before the surgery; Dr. Lorenc talks with The Today Show about the importance of having an in-depth consultation before surgery.

The Today Show – Eyebrow Lift

Dr. Lorenc gives viewers an in-depth look at what goes on during an eyebrow life procedure and how the results can leave a lasting result 10 to 20 years postsurgery.


The View – Surgery Dos and Don’ts

The women of The View discuss with special guest, renowned Park Avenue surgeon Dr. Z. Paul Lorenc, the dos and don’ts of plastic surgery.

CNN Newsroom – A Glimpse into Plastic Surgery & Reality Shows

Dr. Lorenc weighs in on the advantages and disadvantages of the growing popularity of reality TV shows that feature plastic surgery, like The Swan and Dr. 90210.

The Today Show – Plastic Surgery Checklist

Be well prepared when visiting a plastic surgeon! Dr. Lorenc tells of five “beauty killers” that could affect your procedure pre- or post-operatively if not discussed, as well as what to look for when researching potential surgeons.


CBS News – March 18, 2007

Featured on CBS2 NY’s “Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise” segment, Dr. Lorenc discusses the idea of ‘Face Lift by Syringe’ and how it can rejuvenate your face without requiring surgery.