Breast changes are going to happen. Most women are aware of this from an early age. The thing is, these changes occur differently in all women, at different times and for different reasons.

What Your Breast Might Need Is a Lift

Fortunately, none of that really matters. What matters is understanding what can be done to support breasts so these changes may occur slower or later in life, and then knowing what can be done to restore the shape and projection that is desired.

And therein lies the question . . .

What often happens as a result of breast deflation is an assumption forms. That assumption is that breast implants are necessary. This may not be true. Many women in the NYC area have been able to regain the confidence and satisfaction they once had through mastopexy, or breast lift surgery. Here, we want to touch on what can be achieved with this procedure.


One of the biggest changes that happens in the breasts is that the fatty tissue that gives shape falls lower on the chest wall. One of the primary reasons why breasts appear perkier earlier in life is because tissue is supported at a higher point on the chest. It’s that simple. The degradation of tissue occurs naturally and may be exacerbated by weight fluctuations and breastfeeding.


Most women we speak with about breast concerns express a desire for a rounder, more voluptuous shape. The perception is that shape comes from volume, which is why breast augmentation may be the first consideration. The reason that shape degrades is because the cradle of connective and muscle tissue that holds the fat cells of the breasts loses strength. Where there is no strength, there is no structure.


We cannot forget to mention the nipples, because this is a concern that many women face. The drop in volume from the top of the breast to the bottom sometimes pulls the areolae and nipples downward, changing the direction in which they point.

Breast lift surgery corrects each of these concerns by restructuring the cradle in which breast tissue sits. Excess skin is removed, nipples can be repositioned, and, in the end, breasts sit higher on the chest wall where they can appear firmer, rounder, and perkier.

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