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Worry Lines? ThermiRase Can Wipe Them Away

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Worry Lines? ThermiRase Can Wipe Them Away

ThermiRase treatment NYC | Dr. Z. Paul LorencOne of the most common office procedures today is the use of injections to paralyze the muscles of the forehead that cause frown lines. These treatments are expensive and only last a few months. But now, Dr. Lorenc has introduced a new method of treating these worry lines that give away your age.

This new treatment is called ThermiRase™, an FDA-approved method of reducing glabellar frown lines that lasts for nearly a year. The results are astounding, and you will see improvements before you leave the office.

The first step in the ThermiRase™ procedure is to map out the nerves that stimulate the muscles causing the worry lines. After he administers a little local anesthetic, Dr. Lorenc uses a small radiofrequency instrument to heat up the nerve in several locations, stopping it from working. The treatment session is complete when you can no longer voluntarily make those worry lines. Once the nerves have been treated, the muscles relax and the worry lines go away. The effect is immediate and lasts anywhere from 6 to 12 months.

“We have had very impressive results in our patients so far using ThermiRase™, much better than other methods of treatment like injections that only last a short amount of time. And there’s no cutting involved!”

Patients are usually able to return to their normal lives the next day. Call our office today to get this microinvasive, effective treatment today.

  • Microinvasive, meaning that there are no scalpels involved; only a small instrument that goes under the skin
  • Procedure does involve the use of local anesthetic
  • Simple outpatient procedure, usually requires about an hour to complete
  • Most patients undergo up to six treatment sessions spaced two weeks apart
  • Effects are immediate and last for up to a year
  • Very little “down time”
  • Side effects can include temporary numbness, bruising, and swelling


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